What We Do

As a fundraising software consulting firm specializing in database solutions for the non-profit sector, Michitsch Systems has extensive experience in fundraising management & fundraising systems such as the following – Click on each section to expand for details.

Blackbaud: The Raiser’s Edge™ & NXT

The Raiser’s Edge™ developed by Blackbaud Inc. (www.blackbaud.com) is the leading software package for managing your fundraising activities. Our consultants are skilled experts in all aspects of The Raiser’s Edge™, including data conversions, migrations and repairs; upgrades; importing, exporting & segmentation. Since we have been in business, we have worked on more than 130 Raiser’s Edge client databases.

Data Conversion

In 2000, Blackbaud Inc. hired Michitsch Systems to conduct Data Conversions on their behalf. Shortly afterward, they made the strategic decision to run all their conversions in-house; however, Michitsch Systems continues to conduct data conversions for clients who choose not to hire Blackbaud for the service. Our experts have converted hundreds of data files from various systems including websites, event tracking and auction software and Campus Call software, to name a few.


Our structured, systematic approach to database assessment has a proven track record with our clients. Through careful analysis, we identify inconsistencies and areas of concern. We conduct data cleanup, as well as establish safeguards for you to carry forward – so that you can be confident that your data is accurate and up to date.


We can help you optimize your Raisers’ Edge capabilities – by developing user-friendly database features that suit your needs and support your fundraising goals. We can assist you with all aspects of database organization and policy development to ensure that your system continues to run smoothly.
We have successfully implemented many donor management systems for The Raiser’s Edge™ with our clients, including;

  • Major Gift Prospecting Systems
  • Campaign Management
  • Mailing List Development
  • Planned Giving Management
  • Prospect & Moves Management
  • Business Intelligence Metrics & Key Performance Indicators
  • Board Reporting & Strategic Planning
  • Event Management
  • PCI Compliancy
  • Membership Management

Whether your goals include increasing donor revenue, improving relationships or maximizing your reporting abilities, Michitsch Systems can get you there

Crystal Reports™

Michitsch Systems has a long history of experience with Crystal Reports™, having used the product since version 3.0. Company President Cathy Michitsch has been teaching Crystal Reports for over 15 years and is a CRCP (Certified Crystal Reports Professional), attaining that certification in 2005.

Our developers can help you design, integrate, automate, repair and distribute your various Crystal reports. By implementing Crystal Reports™ and Crystal Enterprise™ as reporting tools, we have provided our clients:

  • The ability to gather and analyze data from multiple databases
  • Delivery of rich interactive content in a variety of formats
  • Secure, automated report generation and distribution
  • We work with you to develop the reporting system with the most flexible solution to suit your needs.

Report Design/Writing

Michitsch Systems will take the time to understand your business and the necessary outcomes you require from the system. Proper design will lead to proper development.

Report Testing

Once we finish the design stage, we will undergo proper testing; ensuring that the reports are extracting and analyzing the appropriate data according to your specifications. Our main focus is to ensure the accuracy and integrity of your report.

Report Maintenance

In a lot of cases, data will change or systems will change and you may require report modifications as your business grows. We can amend existing data extraction procedures and report designs to reflect these changes in your business.

Crystal Reports™ for Raiser’s Edge™

We have experience in designing systems in Raiser’s Edge, documenting the new configuration, developing many different Crystal Reports and training your staff on how to use this new system. All to get more out of Raiser’s Edge. We have found that many users of Raiser’s Edge only use a very small percentage of the power of Raiser’s Edge. We help you use far more than the basic core functionality!

Some reports we have worked on, including easy to read and understand visuals aids such as charts, sliders and gauges:


Major Giving, Prospect Management & Capital Campaign Reports

  • Specialized briefing notes for your organization
  • Prospects by solicitor, in Priority Order, with Think About Amounts, Ask Amounts, Funded Amounts, Proposal Status, etc.
  • Prospects by solicitor with only verbal commitment pledges and follow up dates to ensure pledge agreements are signed
  • Prospects by division or classification of your campaign
  • Prospects by their “moves management” phase
  • Proposal reports based on your Case Statements categories, that is how many proposals for each category, by dates, amounts, status and so on
  • Analysis reports of how many prospects in each “moves management” phase at any given time, how long they have been in that phase, etc.
  • Naming Opportunities reports by building/room/level/exhibit, what has been taken and what is available
  • Recognition reports, how many donors recognized per month, how, where and how long between the donation received and when they were recognized

Special Events Reports

  • Event Sponsorships by type of sponsorship, amounts, recognition, donor & contact names, paid and unpaid statuses
  • Golf Reports – by foursomes, golfers, dinner attendee, sponsorships for holes, foursomes, hole in ones, etc
  • Gala Reports – by table, seat arrangements, sponsorships, auction items purchased
  • Registration Reports for a registration table at the event
  • Silent & Live Auction prospect reports – donor & contact names, items given per year of the event, solicitor
  • Pledge “a-thon” reports – by participants, team, paid, unpaid, percentages raised

We have also created many more Crystal Reports for areas such as:

  • Tax Receipts – highly customized consolidation receipts that show numerous donations on one receipt per donor
    Finance Departments – especially reconciliation reports
    Analysis – renewal rates per donor, acquisition rates, annual giving analysis reports
    Campaign/Appeal Category reports – very visual reports, handy to give to Board Members
  • Program Reports – for each Program Director/Manager
Income Manager™ Enterprise

Income Manager™ Enterprise (www.incomemanager.net) is an all-in-one integrated fundraising and non-profit data management solution, bringing years of experience working in the non-profit sector to their software business. Since 2009, Michitsch Systems Inc. has been working in close partnership with Income Manager as the official training & onsite support provider for their clientele in British Columbia.

We received our official instruction from Income Manager™ Enterprise directly, and are well-versed in all user-directed areas of the program.

If you are an Income Manager™ Enterprise client in British Columbia requiring support or training, please contact to discuss your options.

DonorPerfect Online

DonorPerfect Online (“DPO”) is an excellent fundraising, low cost, cloud-based donor management system for non-profit organizations. Fully integrated with Constant Contact allows you to do targeted Email campaigns that are tracked in DPO to provide a 360 degree view of your constituents. You can easily track your annual appeals, capital campaigns, memberships, grants, special events and have integration with social networking fundraising. DonorPerfect Online includes, their fully-integrated online application that makes it easy to create unlimited forms for donations, registrations, memberships, volunteers and other purposes. All data and transactions download directly to DPO.

We provide consulting and training in how to configure your system and structure your data to get the most out of this highly adaptable, excellent system.


Centaman is an integrated, enterprise wide attractions software that includes ticketing & group sales, point of sale and inventory management, education programs, special events, public programming, access control and ticket validation. At Michitsch Systems, Cathy has learned a good portion of this software on several projects and can provide support and training for the Web Store, Point of Sale Admissions, eTours (Events) and educational programming.

Project Management

Project Management requires that the combination of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques of the Project Manager be applied strategically to all project activities in order to meet the project requirements. Based on a logical progression of several grouped processes (the 5 Process Groups), Project Management is recognized as an official, highly successful system for achieving your organization’s strategic plan.

Managing a project typically includes:

  • Identifying requirements
  • Addressing the needs, concerns and expectations of the stakeholders as the project is planned and carried out
  • Balancing the competing project constraints, including – but not limited to – Scope, Quality, Budget, Resources and Risk

In July of 2009, Cathy received her PMP (Project Management Professional) designation after proving 10,000 hours of Project Management experience. This designation officially recognizes Cathy Michitsch as possessing the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques required for successful project management. With 10,000 hours of experience to guide her, Cathy’s expertise will prove invaluable to your Project.


You want your team of fundraisers to work confidently and effectively; to uphold the values and carry out the good work of your organization. To this end, proper training on your user-directed systems is vital.

Our Raiser’s Edge training specialists come onsite to you to create the perfect customized training environment for your team. We work with your data and related questions to achieve targeted instruction that addresses your needs.

We have experience running onsite sessions for entire organizational departments, as well as one-on-one training with individual users. Whether you are using the system for the first time, or are looking to advance your knowledge, we can help.

Michitsch Systems Customized Boot Camps

Each year, Michitsch Systems runs several Raiser’s Edge Customized “Boot Camps” for our clients that are looking to improve their understanding of the system. The classroom-style Boot Camp, at your site, is an opportunity to learn in-depth and hands-on about some of the more challenging aspects of Raiser’s Edge; and also to introduce you to some tricks and shortcuts that you may not know existed! Call for more information.

*The timing of this service is dependent on client demand. If you’re interested in a Boot Camp in the near future, please contact us.

Policies & Procedures Manuals

A Database Policies & Procedures manual is essential for any non-profit wanting to protect the integrity of their information. These manuals are key when it comes to consistency in data entry; they are an invaluable training tool for staff and consistently result in improved productivity.

Michitsch Systems has designed numerous customized Policy & Procedures manuals for our Raiser’s Edge™ clients. Often developed as a result of a database audit, these manuals reflect key decision making concerning your database configuration, and establish standardized data entry procedures.

Our manuals also contain enough basic information about The Raiser’s Edge™ program to help guide new users along the way.

Blackbaud: Student Information System™

Blackbaud’s solution for small colleges — Blackbaud Student Information System™ — makes it easier for you and your staff to overcome your daily challenges so your institution stands apart from the rest.

Our consultants have experience working hands on with the configuration & system requirements for Blackbaud’s Student Information System™, and all levels of user functionality including registration, admissions processes, student billing and general ledger processing. We have in-depth knowledge of the integration requirements between Student Information System™ and The Raiser’s Edge™ and can help you establish automated synchronicity between your student and donor databases.

Blackbaud Online Products

We have experience supporting and building online pages, queries, reports, and data synchronizing to Raiser’s Edge with these Blackbaud products:

  • Online Express
  • Luminate Online (“LO”)
  • NetCommunity
  • Sphere (Friends Asking Friends)

With Luminate Online we not only created online donation pages for everyday use, but also set up a LO site to handle a multi-million dollar telethon weekend. Donors were able to donate online easily and volunteers used LO pages to enter all the pledges that came in over the phone.

If you are interested in how Michitsch Systems can help your business

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